5 Sculpting Moves To Get You Bikini Ready.

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By Katherine Hovanisyan

Ready to dive into swimsuit season? Self-consciousness about your body can make you dread a time of year that’s supposed to be about fun in the sun. But fear not – I have a plan to help you prepare for the pool.
First, you need to know that cardio alone isn’t the answer. 
When it comes to transforming your body, high-volume workouts with minimal rest is a great combo to burn some serious fat. Multifunctional exercises like weight lifting and sprinting will burn a greater percentage of fat and boost muscle definition better than cardio alone because they engage multiple joints and muscle groups at the same time. When more muscles are engaged, you expend more energy and burn more calories. Levels of testosterone, lactic acid, and human growth hormone are all increased – and for you, that means more fat loss, better recovery, and support for lifting heavier loads.
If your goal is to look great in a swimsuit, add these exercises to your fitness ruten.

1. Cable Squat And Row

“This move is simple and you can do it on any cable machine at your gym. It’s effective with even a little resistance,” says Hart.

HOW TO DO IT: First, grab hold of the long bar on the cable machine with both hands. Adjust to a weight you feel comfortable doing quite a few reps with and walk the cable out a few feet. Now that you’re in position, all you have to do while holding it is squat, then row. “Squat your body down low (keeping your hips back and your weight on your heels when you go down) ,and as you come up, pull the weight into your mid stomach to do the row,” explains Hart. “Go right back down into a squat and so on. Repeat for 30 seconds continuously—no rest—for about 4 sets.

WHY IT WORKS: “These really hit your back muscles, and get your legs, too,” says Hart. “But yes, you will feel it everywhere for sure (legs, back and biceps) because you want to hit many muscle groups to help you burn more throughout your day.”

2. Alternating Jumping Lunges

“Jumping lunges are one of the best exercises for your legs in terms of power, strength and balance, which all play a huge part in the rate you burn calories,” explains Hart.

HOW TO DO IT: Start in a lunging squat stance with your feet about three to four feet apart. Do a slight jump to get both feet off the ground, switching legs in the air so that the leg that was in the back is now in the front. Next, continue this movement, alternating legs for 30 seconds straight and aim to complete four sets total.

WHY IT WORKS: “Explosive interval training never fails in burning a ton of calories and it boosts your heart rate,” says Hart. “Your legs have the largest muscles in your body, so when worked to fatigue (especially your quads and glutes), they burn the most calories, too.”ADVERTISEMENT – CONTINUE READING BELOW

3. Mountain Climbers

“These hit your abs just as effectively as any other core-centric move but also have the benefit of getting some cardio in at the same time,” says Hart.

HOW TO DO IT: Start in a plank position. Then bring your right knee up to the left side of your chest, then rotate, so that you are switching and alternating which leg is coming up to your chest, keeping your core tight. (Think of it like high knees facing the ground, says Hart.) Continue for 30 seconds straight, doing each right- and left-leg combo at least four times total.

WHY IT WORKS: “Because this can be a cardio-based ab workout if done properly,” says Hart. “And not only will this really target your abs, but it will also hit your shoulders, triceps and chest just by you holding and stabilizing your weight throughout the 30 seconds.”

4. Squat Shoulder Press 

“This is one of the best full body exercises you can do,” says Hart. “It targets your glutes, quads, shoulders and triceps—and let’s not forget, your core, too.”

HOW TO DO IT: Grab a weight (like a dumbbell) that’s light enough that you feel comfortable that you can shoulder press repeatedly. Hold it in front of your body and up in front of your shoulders and go into a squat, keeping your hips back and heels on the floor. “As you come up, shoulder-press that weight so that your legs give you just a bit of momentum and support to get it up,” says Hart. Lower your arms back down to the starting position and repeat for 30 seconds straight.

WHY IT WORKS: “Your whole body is being used, targeting shoulders, core, triceps, quads and glutes,” explains Hart. “And because there are so many large muscles being used here repetitively, your muscles will have to burn a ton during [the exercise] and all day long, too.”

5. Power Jumps

You can expect to assist your power, coordination and core strength with these power jumps,

HOW TO DO IT: Begin by standing tall. Next, jump up, bringing your knees as far up to your chest as you can, then land on the balls of your feet. (And the less time your feet are grounded, the better, says Hart.) Keep jumping for 30 seconds. “If it helps, you can jump moving forward and think about jumping over something,” he says.

WHY IT WORKS: “This is a high-intensity interval that is going to boost your heart rate through the roof,” explains Hart. “The purpose of this exercise is to help you burn fat fast but at the same time, it will target your core from the explosiveness of you bringing your knees to your chest.

Strength training is key to boosting your confidence at the beach because it revs metabolism and improves conditioning. The body can burn up to 70 calories a day with each pound of muscle that’s developed.

Want to get in that swimsuit even faster? Performing any of these one-off exercises will get you great results, but you can take it to the next level by combining them into a full training program.

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